We are without doubt, a nation of animal lovers in the United Kingdom and most homes have at least one kind of pet living there. For those of us who don’t have a lot of space or time, we choose simple things like hamsters, reptiles, spiders and goldfish. For the others that have lots of time and space, then a dog or a cat is the logical choice and having a furry companion is sometimes the only friend that some people have. Cats are especially popular as they can pretty much take care of themselves when you are not there, but that doesn’t stop us from taking great care of them.

However, sometimes, we are lucky enough to be able to go visit family down near the coast, or we might even be able to treat ourselves to a short holiday in Europe and this is when we need an affordable cattery in Radstock to take care of our feline friend. There, they really pull out all the stops for your pet.

  1. Comfortable, dry and warm bedding is provided and you can leave your pet’s favourite toy with them there. Your cat will be more than happy with their temporary accommodation.
  2. If your cat requires any medication or special needs, then the staff there are more than happy to provide that service for you. Your cat is definitely in good hands.
  3. The cats are fed, watered and are given treats every day and to be honest, when you come back, it may not want to go back home with you.

There’s no reason why your cat can’t also have a holiday when you are having one and you also have peace of mind.