Unfortunately, due to many decades of traditional burials, we now have quite a lot of land in the UK that cannot be developed due to burial sites, and more and more people are turning to eco-friendly funerals that incorporate cremation. There are many ways that a funeral can be more eco-friendly, such as:

  • Bio diesel for the funeral vehicles
  • Using recycled paper for printed media
  • Environmentally friendly coffins

Alternative Funerals

Humanist funerals are often preferred if the deceased was not a religious person, which allows the funeral service to be centered around the person, rather than a religion. There are many themes that can be introduced, which include:

  • The introduction of a pastime or hobby
  • Incorporating a favourite character into the service
  • Personalising the service

With environmentally friendly funeral directors in Dursley who are happy to incorporate your ideas into a funeral service, the traditional, sombre kind of funeral can make way for a unique service that celebrates the person’s life in a meaningful manner.

People Centered Services

It has become popular to design the funeral service around the deceased person, rather than following age old traditions, and while not all funeral directors adopt this approach, there are many who are prepared to move away from the more traditional style funeral to something more appropriate.

If you have recently suffered a loss, and would like to approach the funeral with an open mind, an online search will help you to locate a local funeral director who is willing to incorporate your wishes into the service, and provide a unique funeral that people will remember.